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Beer, barbecues and beards

Usually it’s about the wine in South Australia, or about beach life and hot weather. This was about beer, and barbecue- but not the throw-a-couple-of- snags-on-the-grill-in-your-backyard type. All the serious foodie trendies from Adelaide’s culinary renaissance were here- Nola (American style Bourbon bar), Africola (South African experimental bush food), Street ADL ( world street food

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The great Glenelg bake off

What to do on a winter’s Saturday afternoon? Cinema? The footie? Shopping? No. Baking. So began the great Glenelg bake off, a duel of scones at thirty paces. I checked a blog called My life in Scones and knew instantly what to do. I chose to customise my scones with mature cheddar cheese and South

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Seven Glasgow pubs

“Ye’ ll hae tae go next door,” the doorman said. All the copious pubs around Hope Street were full. “But that’s Irish.” The occasion was Ireland v Scotland Euro football qualifier. We eventually squeezed into a small sports bar near Central Station. Result- 2 pints of Stella and Ireland 1 Scotland 1. Across the road

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