Pure ground


Pure boutique coffee bar brought cafe society to Glenelg, and is now one of the seaside suburb’s best loved eating and drinking establishments. It brings a much needed coolness and hipster attention to detail, from the coffee making to cocktail mixing, craft brews, and sourcing of ingredients for the contemporary menu. You can chose its urban dark interior for an intimate chat, the long communal bench for a more random experience, or hang out street-side in the open-aired vestibule. Celebrating all things from  a slower more analogue age: fixed gear bicycles (even the stools have pedals), single origin cold drip filtered coffee, vinyl 45’s (rescued from a jukebox, no less) for table numbers, you can instagram on your smart phone to your heart’s content. It’s the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – as long as you don’t mind your food being served in a slider bun- or a cheeky beverage any time in between.

For the Daily Post weekly photo challenge Pure.

Visit Pure Boutique Coffee.

10 comments on “Pure ground”

  1. Those fries do look skinny. I’m guessing they were top notch, delicious. Sounds like a cafe where you won’t get bored and it’s all about atmosphere and ambience too apart from the food. I don’t mind slider buns at all. Easier to eat and fit in the mouth when I don’t feel like getting dirty eating 😀

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