I have been visiting Adelaide, South Australia Since 2006. I now live and work in this curious, often neglected part of the world. This blog is dedicated to the observation and appreciation of South Aussie customs, culture and lifestyle. It’s also about writing, travel, culture and music in words and pictures. I try to limit the words to 400 maximum for easy reading. Many of the photographs are taken by Kathryn_mcc.

Disclaimer: Doctor D is my blues-artist name. This site contains no medical information.

I’m relatively inactive on Instagram http://instagram.com/DrDinOz

Other stories: A place for people written for Already Home, Adelaide.


Doctor D is a blues-rock guitarist, songwriter, scientist and writer based in Adelaide, occasionally performing with London band Sweet Thursday.

His music show SWT_HM_ADL presented in collaboration with Fergus Maximus  premiered at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021. Check out Sweet-songs for recent musical projects.

Doctor D’s FB Band Page

Doctor D on Soundcloud

15 comments on “About”

  1. I’m well. Keeping busy flying round the world – Hong Kong this weekend, Abu Dhabi next weekend, and Boston the weekend after. Sadly, we don’t fly to anywhere in Australia, other than Sydney.


      1. I’ve been with BA for nearly 26 years now. (I did 11 years in the RAF before that). Due to start an A380 conversion course in mid-January, so something to keep the grey matter exercised.


  2. After 22 years flying Boeings, “Airbus” is a whole new language. It doesn’t help that the manuals were written in French and then translated into English. We have eight in service at the moment, with another four to come over the next two years.


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