Doctor D songs


Doctor D is an alt blues-rock guitarist, songwriter based in Adelaide, previously with London band Sweet Thursday. He has performed at Buddy Guy’s Legends club and Blue Chicago in the Windy City, as well as in many London music venues and the 5th Hanwell Hootie. He was a winner in the SCALA Festival of Original Music in 2014 and 2020.

Previously he hosted Music Mondays at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel and Hutt Street Acoustic at the Havelock Hotel, Adelaide. He is a board member of SCALA (Songwriters, Lyricists and Composers Association) and a two-times winner in its Festival of Original Music. His current project is the Adelaide Fringe show SWT_HM_ADL in collaboration with Fergus Maximus.

SWT_HM_ADL, Sweet Home Adelaide, Doctor D, Fergus Maximus, Adelaide, UNESCO city of music

Doctor D on Soundcloud.

Doctor D’s FB band page DoctorDsongs.

Hidden World EP available on itunes.

Doctor D on Twitter @drdinoz

Stories published on other blogs: Thursday night blues written for WEA Adelaide.

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