Sydney Harbour Bridge from Dawes Point

Suburbs of Sydney IV




Suburban stations, Sydney- N Ryde

North Ryde is not one of Sydney’s glamour locations, but the Ryde area is the third oldest colonial settlement- after Sydney and Parramatta. Today North Ryde is more about the future than the past. The steep ascent from the metro station is a metaphor for rises of technology that takes place above ground. If you are involved in any high tech enterprise in Australia it’s likely you have been to one of the many corporate headquarters  situated in the area, or to the Macquarie University campus. In addition to the Uni and offices you’ll find a Westfield shopping mall, a small park and a couple of sad looking restaurants.

Unglamorous maybe but this is the hi-tech heart of Sydney

It’s a twenty minute journey from the CBD (Downtown) on the T1 metro line or an indeterminate time by car through the Sydney traffic. One highlight- you get to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge with great views of the Harbour.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge from Dawes Point

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