Winds of change


 I don’t do politics, I’m just talking about the weather.

On the eve of the US presidential inauguration a massive storm swept through South Australia. The day had been a tropical summer’s day, warm and still, the ocean a palette of blues and aquamarines, the water crystalline. With very little warning (except if you had been following the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts), in what felt like only seconds the air temperature dropped and dark menacing clouds raced across the skies like sinister apocalyptic angels, almost supernatural gusts of winds and then the deluge, nearly 50 mm of rain in some places. All over in minutes. For the third time in as many months whole areas are without power and the roads are cluttered with tree debris and branches.

Today the ocean seems sullen and withdrawn with an unnatural looking low tide, the sand shifting and spongy underfoot and the beach resculpted with sandbanks and channels that were not there before. I don’t do politics, I’m just talking about the weather.

4 comments on “Winds of change”

  1. Sometimes Australia’s weather is so much more interesting than any kind of politics. It was bucketing down with rain this morning in Melbourne, and then it cleared. Then came back. Sunny again. And just now, some dark clouds swept over and we had a bit of drizzle. And it’s a bit chilly for a summer day.


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