The first of Warmth


No one comes to the beach to be sad.

Here in South Australia it’s not yet spring, but today is the first warm day. Twenty degrees, blue skies (as ever) but the feeling of burn on my face hints of summer to come. The light is different, the sea is bluer, the sky a perfect gradient from horizon to zenith. The air is different, lighter, gentler, more fragrant. The people are different. And it’s my day off.


Today everyone is out. Cyclists, open-air diners, young families, high school kids squeezing a few extra minutes from their lunch break, the occasional swimmer. The seagulls seem extra frisky. Even the palm trees look happy.

Lunching at the incredibly hip Pure Boutique Coffee on Jetty Road, the environ a combination of bicycles, vinyl 45s and perfectly manicured beards, we looked up from our sliders (of course) as the vintage Glenelg tram rolled past- a perfect photo opportunity for #glenelgbeach365. I’ve shot this tram before, but not with the beach as a backdrop.

“Is there an event on?” I asked the driver.

“No, it’s just training. There’s five of us can drive this so we take it out every few months to keep our hand in.”

Minutes later, it’s gone, back to the depot at Morphettville, leaving a scene of peace and contentment.

Some school kids are doing a survey.

What do you like about Glenelg?

“The beach, sunsets, the tram, Jetty Road.”

Would you say Glenelg is one of Adelaide’s best beaches?

“It’s the best beach.”

Over all what do you think of Glenelg?

“It’s brilliant.”

Then two more school kids came along, but that was ok because I knew the answers. They seemed genuinely happy with my response, maybe appreciating what they had. After all, no one comes to the beach to be sad, especially on a such a perfect day. Not even the old tram.

Re-blogged for the Daily Post challenge August Blues.

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