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Suburbs of Sydney II

Surry Hills and Chippendale Away from the glittering CBD and the serene waters of the harbour,¬†Sydney’s inner suburbs offer a glimpse into the real life of Sydneysiders, at least of those rich enough or fortunate enough to live there. Two suburbs lie on either side of Central Station in defiance of the usual close-to-station-seediness rule

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Adelaide six bar

Plenty to surprise and delight. Meeting our overseas visitors off the tram at Treasury, the suited upmarket garden provided an ideal start to the evening- pleasantly cheap beer in a classy setting. Verdict- 4 beers and 2 wines.

Brisbane four bar

Going out this weekend in Brissie? Here’s my experience of four contrasting bars from my recent trip. Thursday– the Royal Exchange, Toowong. Beloved of students at the nearby University of Queensland or UQ, not to be confused with QUT or several other combinations involving the letters U and Q. Terrible pop music blared from speakers

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