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Outback trio

It’s just a big rock in the ground, isn’t it? Kata Tjuta, Uluru and Kings Canyon Kata Tjuta (also known as Mount Olga), Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kings Canyon in Australia’s Northern Territory make a trio of outstanding geological and indigenous spiritual and cultural icons set against the unspoilt red earth of the outback.

Riding into the sunset

Here in Adelaide we are blessed with perfect sunsets over St Vincent’s Gulf almost every day, one reason for my Instagram series #glenelgbeach365. A west facing beach is a relatively rare and wonderful thing. For reasons I don’t understand, most big cities lie on eastern seaboards, and don’t get this experience. I liked the thought

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Brisbane four bar

Going out this weekend in Brissie? Here’s my experience of four contrasting bars from my recent trip. Thursday– the Royal Exchange, Toowong. Beloved of students at the nearby University of Queensland or UQ, not to be confused with QUT or several other combinations involving the letters U and Q. Terrible pop music blared from speakers

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