Adelaide six bar

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Plenty to surprise and delight.

Meeting our overseas visitors off the tram at Treasury, the suited upmarket garden provided an ideal start to the evening- pleasantly cheap beer in a classy setting.
Verdict- 4 beers and 2 wines.

Just across the road down Weymouth Place is one of Adelaide’s newest, coolest bars, the Thrift Shop- laneway style, retro kitch, vinyl records and craft beer and popcorn.
Verdict- 2 bottled beers and an organic cider.

100m along King William Street in the basement of a former bank is Jack Ruby’s speakeasy- American prohibition themed, wood panelled, we succumbed to food.
Verdict- 1 beer, 2 wines, three sliders and chips.

At Casa Blah Blah on Leigh Street, amidst salsa night we indulged in tapas and sangria under the indigo sky.
Verdict- delicious tapas, slightly disappointing sangria but great moves.


Taking the tunnel to Peel Street we passed through the hidden door to Maybe Mae for cocktails accompanied by old time soul and bebop and the shared surprised delight of newcomers.
Verdict- red, white and green.

Finally on completing the passage to Peel Street, the vault-like Clever Little Tailor provided for a bluesy nightcap.
Verdict- whisky and taxi.

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