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Match day

This is Adelaide The big match wasn’t Adelaide Crows v Port Adelaide Power on Sunday but the visit of English Premier League soccer team Liverpool FC to play Adelaide United in a friendly match. Liverpool have never won the Premier League and last won the old First Division twenty-five years ago, but still command a

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Footy (AFL) at the Adelaide Oval Part Two

Inside the stadium we were whisked skywards on the escalator, up and up to nosebleed territory. The good organisation and forward-planning of the venue yielded us two beers and hot chips (you have to say “hot” here or else you end up with crisps) with maximum efficiency and minimal hassle. Best of all, the consumption

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Footy (AFL) at the Adelaide Oval Part One

Last week it was soccer. This week, it’s the real deal (as far as the locals are concerned): Australian Rules Football– Aussie Rules. We decided to go for the full atmospheric experience and take the free special footy bus from Glenelg. We were the only passengers. Eventually, as the bus wound its circuitous way through

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