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Along with great Scottish inventions such as the steam engine, telephone, television, radar, MRI scanners, penicillin, deep fried Mars bars, is the square or Lorne sausage. I was very excited to find Westfalia Meats in a neighbouring suburb, Fulham. Not only do they stock square sausage in oblongs, so they can be freely sliced, but also all

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Super Burns Supper

Scots celebrate the life of poet Robert Burns (aka the Bard) on 25th January, traditionally with HNT (haggis, neeps and tatties). Of course it’s not a Burns Supper without the HNT, but stovies – a meat and potato stew – is a good alternative and provides excellent digestive ballast for an evening of whisky tasting,

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Burns night

Some hae feet but hae nae beach And some wi’ beach cannae walk it But we hae feet an’ we hae beach Sae let the lord be thankit. Burns Night on 25th January fell just too close to Australia Day, so Adelaide’s Scottish pub, the Rob Roy, celebrated it a week later. This also coincided

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