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Highland hospitality

 Huntly is a small town (population 4,000) in the North East of Scotland, not forty miles from Aberdeen. Despite growing up in this part of the world, I had never properly visited Huntly. Neither did I know that the town is the home of Dean’s Shortbread– not as famous as Walkers, but probably better. With

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Along with great Scottish inventions such as the steam engine, telephone, television, radar, MRI scanners, penicillin, deep fried Mars bars, is the square or Lorne sausage. I was very excited to find Westfalia Meats in a neighbouring suburb, Fulham. Not only do they stock square sausage in oblongs, so they can be freely sliced, but also all

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Stovies – Scottish soul food

Stovies is a Scottish dish that has no official recipe. Everyone has their own version. This one came about when I was making stovies as an alternative to haggis, neeps (turnips or swedes) and tatties (mashed potato) for a Burns Supper held annually on 25th January in commemoration of Scotland’s greatest poet, Robert Burns. Stovies are traditionally made with

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