Ugg, it’s cold

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Being winter and being cold(ish) we decided I should invest in a pair of Ugg boots. So we went to Coastal Uggs on Jetty Road in Glenelg. “Great, they have a sale on!” I said. Inside walls of sheepskin boots, slippers and all manner of novelty footware awaited.
“Hello,” I said to the Ugg man, “I’d like to buy some Ugg boots, please.” He looked happy. There were no other customers.
“Well, there’s these Emu boots… and there’s these Snug boots over there.”
“Sorry. I’m confused. You called these Ugg boots, but Ugg is a brand?”
“Yes and so are Emu and Snug.”
“Ah, I get it. It’s like calling a vaccuum cleaner a Hoover!” (Aussies hate this, but they don’t mind calling cling film Gladwrap).
“Yes,” he said, “Do you like these Emu boots?”
“No,” I said, “I want Uggs.” So I got my Uggs. They are super comfy and warm, like wrapping my feet in a sheepskin rug. Perfect for wearing inside in the slightly cold(ish) South Australian winter evenings.

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