River Murray, South Australia, Riverland

Tales of the Riverland


Banrock Station, Riverland, South Australia

“How do we get to Renmark?”IMG_0264

“Take the Main North Road… If you hit Darwin you’ve gone too far.”

First stop was round about here…

I just took a walk round the back of the servo (service station) and saw some people.

“Hello” said the man, who turned out to be my friend W. This was literally the middle of nowhere.



We stopped at Banrock Station (about 200 km from Adelaide). Spectacular panoramas of vineyards and wetlands, an open fire, a sunny winter’s day, wine, I could have stayed here forever but time was short.


I can seriously recommend speed wine tasting.

Banrock Station wetlands, Riverland, South Australia

Banrock Station winery, Riverland, South Australia

However I can seriously recommend speed wine-tasting, just to take the edge off.

Passing some people on the way out, the man paused, “I’ll just stand still, until you’ve decided which way you’re going.” (Effect of speed-tasting).

Lunch was at the art deco Renmark Hotel. ‘Roo and sweet potato mash (of course.)

Afterwards a walk by the old paddle steamer Industry.

Riverfront, Renmark, South Australia


Stopping to buy locally-grown oranges from an “honesty” stall by the roadside. Then an ethereal sunset over the brooding waters of the Murray.

River Murray at dusk, Riverland, South Australia
And finally after 500 km for a lunch in the country… home.

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