On the buses

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Almost no one uses public transport in Adelaide but today I have to take two buses and a tram. There’s a bus stop right outside my house which goes directly to my work. Unfortunately buses smell of old people and students, an astringent cocktail of vintage and fresh B.O. Buses are also the favoured transportation of mental health patients. You can understand why – your ticket gives you two hours of travel- that’s less than $4 for a whole day’s entertainment (with concession and a metro card).

My two buses were incredibly efficient- getting me there as fast as driving and with much less hassle. Sitting at the back, the upper parts of the windows are tinted so I cannot see where I am. Adelaide from this point of view seems to consist solely of petrol stations, Hungry Jacks (Burger Kings) and traffic intersections. But the buses got me where I needed to get to and I’m now in the very cool Jack Ruby’s speakeasy waiting for friends. Later I may brave the tram. Another adventure awaits.


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