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London summer fun

Is there any city that is more special than London on a sunny summer’s afternoon? The city that demands its pound of flesh from its workers suddenly forgets to be a hard taskmaster and turns itself towards fun in the sun. Vitamin D deficient Londoners take over the parks and every open air public space

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Glenelg Grooming

The care taken by the model- make-up, manicure, hair, posture, poise, demeanour – to exhibit the designers’ work to perfection. Natural beauty is only the start. Photos from the recent fashion show held on the jetty at Glenelg. For more story on this exceptional fashion event visit Looking pretty on the jetty. In response to The

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Ten thousand spoons

Wooden spoons form the ceiling of the Flinders Street Project, Adelaide in an installation called ten thousand spoons by artist Megan Roodenrys. The food’s pretty good too in this addition to Adelaide’s ongoing cafe society revolution.   Visit the Flinders Street Project. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: prolific. See also:  

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