Bake off verdict


Cheesy scones or spiced pumpkin cake?

image We were at our friends for dinner and they, not the cat, were to be bake off judges. The cheesy chutney scones were consumed heated with melted butter accompanied by French Champagne- a beautiful match. We had the spiced pumpkin cake for dessert, by which time the judges had finished the champagne, an aromatic Pinot Gris from Marlborough and were well into an Adelaide Hills unoaked Chardonnay. It could claimed that their ability to discern the subtle arts of baking were slightly impaired, also given that the cake was served with a shot of rum. image The judges decided that a verdict could not be reached and suggested a rematch the following week, or a best of ten series. It was a fair outcome.

See the great Glenelg bake off.

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