Fresh vintage



Spring rains and a warm dry summer brought the vintage early in South Australia. We found 919 Wines in the midst of the Riverland region, more usually associated with industrialised production of cheap, boxed (they call them ‘goons’ here), but still drinkable wines (it is SA after all) of the Berri Estates who also produce for Banrock Station. Not so 919, a winery so boutique that we caught proprietor Jenny unawares, scampering from her house to the nearby cellar door to greet us.

“Sorry, are you closed?” we asked. It was a Sunday morning, but she was happy to open up for us and chat about wine-making whilst we tasted. She it was who informed us of the impending early vintage which, now in early March, is upon us.

Using biodynamic methods, with minimal irrigation, Jenny and winemaker husband Eric have received high plaudits for their non-mainstream varietals, particularly the creamy but citrus finishing Petit Manseng and the stone fruity, more acidic Vermentino. We came away with both and more.


Visit 919 Wines at

For the Daily Post photo challenge Fresh.

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