Lake Bonney, South Australia

Bonny Lake Bonney


Lake Bonney, South Australia

Named after its (European) discoverer rather than on account of its appearance, Lake Bonney‘s banks host the town of Barmera in South Australia’s Murray Riverland.

“Bar-me-ra,” I said, elongating the syllables, when asked where we were going for the weekend.
“You mean Bahmrah?” came the reply with a barked Aussie vowel crunch.

It proved to be a small, charming country town- a one pub, one coffee shop, one country music festival sort of town. And the bakery is not to be missed. We missed it as it was closed.

Barmera, South Australia

“This is the best coffee in town,” we were informed at the cafe.
“It’s the only coffee in town.”

Dinner was at the local (out of season) footie (Aussie Rules) club, and by nine o’clock the sleepy town got sleepier.

Sunset over the lake provided the most serene moment in a pretty serene place. Perhaps it gets busy during the summer? No, this is the summer. Maybe during the country music festival then? But until then just the night’s deep falling tranquility over the golden lake, a pelican gracefully gliding over the water.

For the Daily Post weekly photo challenge silence.

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