Four weeks of fun 4 – (out-of-this) world music

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Laurie Black Space Cadette

Delia Olam and Eagleheart

Gaby Moreno


Beam me up Bowie! Laurie Black Space Cadette has had enough of earth. ‘Fly me to the Moon’ she demands, ‘but not Mars, because I don’t like spiders.’ That’s pretty much the whole plot for this zany cosmic cabaret as the first ladette in space whisks the audience musically around the solar system. Some fine virtuoso piano, great lighting and spacy covers (Bowie, Muse, nerd-rock etc.) and original songs fill out the show. As it’s cabaret there is the obligatory ukulele song- Radiohead’s Creep. It’s a shame it wasn’t Subterranean homesick alien as it’s a better song and would fit the show perfectly. Also nothing from the pioneers of space-rock, Hawkwind- but she’s young. I look forward to cadette Black’s next mission.

No spacecraft for Delia Olam and Eagleheart, but rather a magic carpet ride. With just cello or double bass for accompaniment plus the occasional Appalachian dulcimer, Delia led us through the tragic but inspiring life and work of nineteenth century Persian poetess Ṭáhirih (meaning the ‘pure one’). Given the sparsity of musical arrangement available to them, the duo produced an Aladdin’s cave of sounds, at times earthy and sensual, at others airy and spiritual. Singing in Persian, Arabic, Tahitian, Spanish, as well as English, Delia brought us the experience of Womadelaide (on concurrently), including the dance element, in one show, deservedly a winner of the Bank SA weekly Fringe award for best music.

It was back to earth for Guatemalan superstar singer Gaby Moreno playing at the Spiegeltent in the Garden of unearthly delights. Known for her work with Calexico (see Calexico Wanderers) and many others Gaby delighted the small but enthusiastic crowd with mainly her original songs in Spanish and English. On Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) she even had the audience singing along in Spanish. With only drums and bass for backing Gaby played some fine electric guitar on the most beautiful electric blue instrument to accompany her exquisite vocals. It was a great night out for the Latin American expat contingent; let’s hope the word spreads for her next visit to Adelaide. Quizás, quizás, quizás.

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