Four weeks of fun – 3: party like it’s 1969!




The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Port Road, Adelaide Fringe 2019

Two British themed retro music shows in one weekend at the same venue! Port Road becomes the King’s Road.

In For your love an outstanding 10 piece band recreated the 1960s British music scene from the Beatles, Stones, Small Faces, Yardbirds, Kinks, Who, Georgie Fame, and many more. The show was accompanied by slick visuals showing stills and archive footage of the artists. Two Geri Halliwell style mini-dressed and Go-go-booted dancers added to the infectious sense of fun and music history that transformed Port Road to the Kings Road. Louise Messenger gave outstanding vocal performances as Dusty Springfield, Lulu, and Cilla Black as the ageing but ecstatic audience danced like it was 1969.

Beatles v Stones was billed as the ultimate battle of the bands as the giants of British music went head-to-head. Unfortunately there was no contest, the ‘Beatles’ merely serving as support for Rolling Stones tribute band Satisfaction. In terms of performance wise there was also no contest as the Stones blasted the Beatles off stage with their energy, Jagger-like posturing, slick horns, and Keith Richards lookalike guitarist. The large Gov crowd, once again rediscovering their youth, lapped it all up.

Meanwhile across the pond …

Janis: life and should of a rock legendThe other 1960s music show My Dad brainwashed me with 1960s music! by a surprisingly scruffy Peter Coombe and family featuring mainly songs from the USA folk revival- Dylan, Joni, Simon and Garfunkel, illustrating the cross Atlantic cultural differences. Also representing our transatlantic musical cousins the show Janis: the life and soul of a rock legend. Sam Hafey (pictured) gave a convincing and compelling portrayal of not just the music, but the mindset of the troubled artist and her struggles with fame, addictions, and love.

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