Four weeks of fun 2- Theology and Theatricals



Adelaide Fringe 2019

Adelaide based comedy troupe George Glass describe themselves as a cryptocurrency and machine learning comedy group. Their late night show (11.30 pm) George Glass proves the existence of God has a healthy dose of ‘deus ex machina’ about it as five lads in a rock band just want to know if God is there and whether he/she/non-binary would like to come over for a quiet beer. While they discuss metaphysics and theology in song a startling intervention occurs and the show takes an unexpected path. This surreal and absurdist rock pantomime epitomises the essence of Fringe: experimental, alternative, a bit shocking (if you are of a religious or nervous disposition), but hilarious, with very catchy tunes and a cat playing saxophone- a must see- at least twice. George Glass are also performing Scientology the Musical at this year’s Fringe.


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