Communal craziness- the return of Fringe


It’s back- the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019. Check for updates and reviews.

Dr D in Oz



It’s here again, the communal craziness that is the Adelaide Fringe. When the streets of the city become a gigantic, flamboyant conga of performers- dancers, jugglers, actors, musicians, singers, comedians, visual artists, mime artists, contortionists, physical theatricists, acrobats, poets, puppeteers, photographers, conductors, plus the myriad supporting roles- directors, writers, stage hands, technicians, printers, bill stickers, pamphleteers, bar staff, chefs, waiters, food truck drivers, ticket vendors, hotel staff, taxi drivers. Fringe touches everyone.

For one month the usually circumspect city will host the Southern Hemisphere’s largest arts festival, second in the world only to Edinburgh. With over a thousand shows, and every possible public space being press-ganged into becoming a venue, plus major side venues- the Garden of Unearthly Delights, the Royal Croquet Club and Gluttony– there is something for everyone.

For those who prefer their art more high brow, there is the concurrent Adelaide…

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