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New year – new look


The New Year is a time for new beginnings. To commemorate the start of 2018, this blog has received a makeover: new style, new layout, new functionality. I hope you like its clarity and simplicity. Comments are welcome, especially if a feature is not working properly.

Heralding in the new year, Sydney’s fireworks were particularly spectacular with their rainbow theme reflecting the newly established marriage equality rights, so one of January’s featured posts (above) is on Sydney living (in my case, just for a week).

This is also a time of change for my ex-pat experience here in South Australia, as I transition from employment to consultancy. Having dealt with all the idiosyncrasies and delights of having a job: fortnightly pay, meetings, paid holidays, commuting, getting up, shaving, etc., etc., I now have to master the skills of running a small business here. Plenty of challenges for the new year.

Vardon Avenue wine event, AdelaideThere will be lots of  travel within Australia and New Zealand and more opportunity for fun activities. The recent relocation to Adelaide city centre will also result in more of an emphasis upon the urban rather than the oceanic, such as Vardon Avenue wine events (opposite). So expect more arts, culture, music and festival reviews from the laneways to the boulevards and parklands.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy new year. Thanks for coming on this journey with me, and I look forward to sharing yours with you.

4 comments on “New year – new look”

  1. Sounds like a change of scenery indeed on many fronts for you. Liking the new blog look and also your recent adventures. Good look on the career switch front, and may 2018 be one filled with happiness and prosperity for you 🙂

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