Second Valley, South Australia

Second Valley first 

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Dr D in Oz

Weathering the storms of time

Second Valley, SOuth Australia

It’s good that after living here for three years… there are still wonderful places to visit for the first time.

Second Valley perhaps set the precedent  for obvious place naming so prevalent in South Australia (e.g. Mount Lofty, Kangaroo Island, Diagonal Road, etc.) After British surveyor general and Adelaide founder Col William Light first set foot on mainland South Australia at Rapid Bay (named after his ship), Second Valley was… er… the second valley he encountered. Second Valley retains that wild pioneer ambience. Rolling hills lead down to a tiny horseshoe bay encapsulated by rocky prominences of geological distinction, not dissimilar to Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway or Scotland’s Staffa (of Fingal’s Cave fame). The old jetty is a popular fishing spot, whilst a gap in the railing leads to a track hewn from the rock to another small bay where you can access a rocky…

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