Suburbs of Sydney VI: Glebe

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Cocktail shakers: the sound of early evening in Sydney’s inner west.


Chatter. Clatter. A vegan platter. Cocktail shaker. Artisanal baker. Light rail. Heart fail. Climbing up to Glebe Point Road.

Glebe, Sydney's inner west, Suburbs of SydneyGlebe 2037 is a suburb in Sydney’s inner west about 3 km from the central business district (CBD) to which it almost stretches. A short but brutal ascent from the Light Rail leaves you breathless on the main strip, Glebe Point Road, with its village vibe, home to many cafes and independent, ethnically diverse restaurants.

It’s a great place for a morning or evening beverage, for living local, Saturday sport in the pub, dog walking, informal dining, away from the crush and crash of Sydney – but still within touching (or seeing) distance of the city.

Brunch in Glebe, Sydney's inner west

Sunday brunch, that great Sydney tradition, is more accessible and less pretentious here than in Surry Hills, the most menu-mangling description being ‘egg and bread.’ Not for Glebites the foams or bacon custards or ‘scrams on rye’ of their more glamorous suburbly neighbours.

Like many other locations around Sydney there is the impression of constant struggle between the lush vegetation and civilising tendencies of human endeavour- a neglected or deserted building rapidly reverting to nature, as if overgrown overnight.


Despite stunning views of the Sydney skyline and the Anzac and Harbour Bridges, Glebe is not a tourist destination, but it’s a great place to live (if you can afford it). Nearby Newtown and Balmain offer the more edgy or exquisite depending upon your tastes.



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