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While the northern hemisphere (or parts of it that I know) longed for the romance of a white Christmas, here in Adelaide we had a red hot one.

Christmas on the beachThe hottest city on the planet at the time recorded a brutal 41 degrees celsius on Christmas Day. Weather forecasts in the lead up caused an outcry as Christmas Day barbecue plans were thwarted by a total fire ban. Gas fired barbecues were fine but charcoal fires, Webber kettles, etc were off limit, leaving roasts unroasted and lambs off the spit, while cold cuts and salad were king for the day.

A Christmas morning breakfast of smoked salmon and croissants with French butter was followed by present opening and a morning swim. Then it was all systems go to the GF’s sister’s for a family lunch. Just like northern hemisphere celebrations we spent the whole day inside (with the air con, rather than heating, on full pelt).

An overnight storm with torrential rain following kept us indoors again with the company of books, movies and ample provisions. Christmas here is very unlike European or North American Christmas, but this time, despite the extreme temperature differences, the outcome was the same- enforced rest and relaxation. Happy holidays.

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