Four cultures in one day


From Greece to Ireland via America and back to Australia

Greek blessing if the waters Glenelg

We started the day with the curious and strangely moving Greek “Blessing of the Water” ceremony at Glenelg. More of that later.

A drive in the hills took us to the Three Brothers Hotel in Macclesfield, a pub that under previous management, had the unusual policy that you could bring your own wine! Sadly the new management have discontinued that policy but retained the lively music programme.
“Hello,” beamed the publican, as if we were long lost friends. “We’ve got rockabilly to your left and Irish sessions in the front bar.”

Rockabilly in Macclesfield

We were actually after lunch, having foregone the souvlaki at the beach, but it was nearly three (lunch service ends 2 pm).

“I’ll ask the chef, see what he can do.”

Irish sessions
The chef did splendidly and afterwards we settled into the Irish session, almost part of the band. Just needed a fiddle, harp, accordion, banjo, guitar…

Seacliff beach-pm

A scenic drive took us back to Seaciff for sunset drinks at the yacht club and a return to Aussie culture.

See also Blessing in disguise.

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