Sunshine and shark

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20140803-195936-71976366.jpgOn the night of my birthday there was a massive storm, the strongest winds recorded for a long time. Today the sun was out, the tide was out and the Sunday walkers were out. The beach which last week was pristine and regular as sandpaper, was awash with detritus from the ocean: rocks, shells, seaweed, scraps of coral, crustaceans’ colourful limbs.


We strolled in the glorious winter sunshine, stopping to inspect the marine harvest. I found an intact living clam and returned it to its home. In a pebbly section we found some purple starfish that I had never seen before in all my time of photographing the beach. Down by the water, where the sand wobbled like jelly beneath our feet, sand worms left their curiously geometric evidence.

Passing under the the jetty which would have been impossible during the storm, I had my first Australian shark sighting: a small Port Jackson Shark, beached and lifeless.


Submitted to the Daily Post photo challenge Forces of nature.

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