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Weathered- mechanical skeleton

Nothing says weathered like rusted ruins on an exposed hilltop, burnished by the beating sun in the scorching South Australian heat, lashed by the winds and rains of winters past, and the malevolent neglect of time, mineral attempting its return to nature after service to humanity, a mechanical skeleton. For the Daily Post photo challenge Weathered.

Winds of change

 I don’t do politics, I’m just talking about the weather. On the eve of the US presidential inauguration a massive storm swept through South Australia. The day had been a tropical summer’s day, warm and still, the ocean a palette of blues and aquamarines, the water crystalline. With very little warning (except if you had been following

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Second Valley first 

Weathering the storms of time It’s good that after living here for three years… there are still wonderful places to visit for the first time. Second Valley perhaps set the precedent  for obvious place naming so prevalent in South Australia (e.g. Mount Lofty, Kangaroo Island, Diagonal Road, etc.) After British surveyor general and Adelaide founder

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