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Look both ways XIII- tranquility

After a week of strong, cool winds, a perfectly still evening. Perfect for a sunset picnic on the second anniversary of my arrival in South Australia. See also look both ways look both ways II look both ways III look both ways IV look both ways V Look both ways VI Look both ways VII

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Open door

In response to The Daily Post’s photo challenge¬†: “Door.” A door has three functions. To let you in, to keep you out or to keep you in. As a migrant I am acutely aware of doors. Doors have been opened to allow me to live in a different country, to work here and to share

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Native v introduced

Spring is here and in Glenelg, as elsewhere in Adelaide, there’s the contrast between the native plants and those introduced by the colonials. Today’s contest: bottlebrush (Callistemon, a native myrtle) v roses, both equally as Aussie and British as it’s possible to be. Best of all, the jacaranda tree. We don’t have them by the

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