Native v introduced


Spring is here and in Glenelg, as elsewhere in Adelaide, there’s the contrast between the native plants and those introduced by the colonials. Today’s contest: bottlebrush (Callistemon, a native myrtle) v roses, both equally as Aussie and British as it’s possible to be.



Best of all, the jacaranda tree. We don’t have them by the beach, but the city is awash with purple.

Native or introduced, beauty is all around and the air is warm and filled with the scent of spring.


As an ex-pat it’s reassuring to see the flowers of home- particularly as I originate from a frequent winner of Britain in Bloom and a rose town, Aberdeen. As a migrant the native flora appeals to my sense of the exotic and reminds me where I am. It’s like a journey in flowers.

8 comments on “Native v introduced”

  1. Got to love the jacaranda trees. Good attempt on the photo, better than my tries years ago on a street of jacarandas in LA, but it’s hard to capture their full beauty. Maybe Kathryn can give us both some tips?!


      1. I haven’t posted anything since the thing about British cars in Lima. Got a couple of ideas but need to get the photos to go with them. My camera phone is crap and I haven’t organised myself to go out for a wander with my proper(ish) camera. It will happen, so watch this space but don’t hold your breath …


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