Coffin Bay- more than just oysters

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Coffin Bay oysters were back on the menu just in time for Christmas. Seafood is such an integral part of Aussie festivities at this time of year- as integral as mulled wine or mince pies are in the northern hemisphere.

Oysters, oyster shell, knife

Situated on the southern tip of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula about 680 km by road from Adelaide, Coffin Bay is Australia’s oyster capital. Recently the industry has endured a hiatus but there’s more to do in Coffin Bay than to consume oysters.

You can visit the Coffin Bay National Park to enjoy the pristine unspoilt beaches and sand dunes or to see the wildlife, although the wildlife happily comes to the town. You can encounter emus and kangaroos up close and personal on the street or in your front yard. Locals say that the emus, not the council, run the town!

Sailing, Coffin Bay, sunset cruise

You can take a sunset cruise around the bay- and eat oysters. Or explore the oyster beds in a tour by boat- with samples of the produce of course.

Coffin Bay oyster beds at sunset

For a small and remote place Coffin Bay’s food offerings are exceptional- notably the 1802 Oyster Bar and Oyster HQ- both serving… you guessed it(!) and the freshest seafood possible.

Oyster farmer in ocean with waders at Coffin Bay

Best however is to experience the shelled delicacies on their own surf- in the ocean itself. Don your waders and wade out to a floating pontoon to learn how to shuck oysters for yourself, washed down with your choice of beverage- our choice champagne, although I’m told that Chardonnay is an excellent pairing. If you fancy something a bit stronger, try an oyster Bloody Mary or a Coffin Bay gin. Bon appetit and cheers.

Oysters, ocean and wine bottle in cooler

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