The urban garden 2

Inner city horticultural adventures- spring.

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The end of November and an almost non-existent spring, La Niña bringing plentiful rain to fill rivers and dams, and people scrambling to look out their winter clothes again. It was not however an invisible spring either in the garden or on the streets of this garden city.

First the sweet fragrance of the native frangipani trees with their lush yellow flowers, then the almost overwhelming scent of the star jasmine and its brilliant floral constellations.

Finally the implausible purple of the jacaranda trees. These are particularly spectacular on Carrington and Morphett Streets in the city, a sure sign that summer is finally on its way.

Birds are flitting from tree to tree in the back yard, bees are busying around the lavender, while butterflies flutter amidst the season’s new planting: petunias, marigolds, snapdragons and some reluctant nasturtiums (grown from seed) finally trumpeting in orange and red…

and even a surprise blooming from an old succulent.

We’ll see if my meagre gardening skills can keep this lot alive as summer heat arrives.

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