Spoil sport



For the Daily Post photo challenge signs.

2 comments on “Spoil sport”

  1. Weird and scary on so many levels. Have we been so brainwashed by the X factor and its ilk that, on seeing a guitar, shoppers suddenly believe themselves to be the next Susan Boyle? Aren’t the shop owners concerned about people playing the guitar? I mean, it would be logical behaviour, but, given the price, maybe you’d think they wouldn’t want unsanctionned strumming. And, since when did acoustic guitars cost nearly 2000 Australian dollars – is this a Stradivarius guitar? Plus, what’s up with the flags? Is it patriotic to buy this guitar, maybe so you can burst into a rendition of Waltzing Matilda with suitable accompaniment whenever you feel like it? As long as it’s not in the shop …


    1. Ha ha! It’s a hand made Cole Clarke, Aussie made hence the flags! I’d allow singing if my customer was about to spend 2k! Maybe stop short of dancing though.


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