Flight path

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This blog is not meant to be either serious or political, but it is meant to truthfully reflect ex-pat experience. The whole world is shocked by the MH17 tragedy- twenty-eight Australians, nine UK citizens is enough to send both our countries into mourning.

Malaysian Airways is one of three carriers offering direct flights to Europe from Adelaide, Qantas the national carrier having chosen to bypass the South Australian state capital. Malaysian Airways is deeply involved locally through employment and sponsorship of cultural, sporting and community events. Every Adelaidian with a European or Asian connection has probably flown with Malaysian at some point. I have.
Early morning we sometimes hear the intercontinental flights as they arrive. “That’ll be MH139,” we say. These planes are a lifeline from this big island to the rest of the world.

I would much rather write about schmoozing with the Mayor of Holdfast Bay or about the Adelaide International Guitar Festival. But for now it’s a time for deeper reflections and condolences.

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