World Cup Final


Monday 4.30 a.m. Turned away from the full to capacity German club we met a young fellow in soccer garb, Muller printed on his shirt, staring at his phone looking lost.
“Looking for the German Club?”
“It’s full, but the casino is showing it.”

A short drive later and parked, but too early for early bird, we walked into the Casino sports bar and there he was, not Speedy Gonzalez but Speedy Muller. Perhaps it was ominous.

Big questions for such an early hour:

Germany or Argentina?
Inside or outside?
Coffee or beer?


In the end a vodka and orange seemed breakfasty enough. Supersub Mario Gotze’s one goal was enough, Messi’s individual brilliance not quite enough. On reflection a happy result for South Australia with its strong Germanic heritage.

Being Adelaide of course I bumped into my boss while wandering the streets afterwards before work.

2 comments on “World Cup Final”

  1. Much better timing for watching the final here, two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. The right result in the view of José and me. Germany deserved the cup this time round. Least said about some other European teams the better …


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