Pedal power

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A Saturday Election Day, near closing time, and like good Aussie democrats, we’d been shopping all day. So it was a pedalled panic that brought us finally to the polling station, in time to avoid the fine for abstention (voting is compulsory here).

“My bike’s over there,” stated the Green Party canvasser keen to show that he walks the walk.

“We’ll look after your bikes,” offered the Liberal, a short Welshman in a sports shirt ( I know, I thought that strange too). At least the Labour guy, in old tweed jacket and flat cap, looked like a proper socialist.

“No worries,” I said, “I can hold them. I don’t have the vote.”

“Transport of the future,” declared the Green.

“But that uses energy to manufacture,” said the Liberal. “Legs are the transport of the future and use less resources.”

“But you’ll wear out your joints, then you’ll need medical resources,” I said.

Just then a gust of wind threatened to blow the Liberal’s umbrella away. “A bit like your party,” observed the Socialist.

So as my girlfriend went in to vote, we four discussed cycling and Scottish independence, which I must report won our rather limited referendum. Rather more decisive than the actual South Australia State election happening inside.

“Keep your hair red,” the Socialist shouted after my girlfriend as we cycled off.

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