Cars and girls (in a socialist utopia)

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In recent years the winery-festival has become a popular format, particularly with more mature audiences, and equally mature bands. Having an event in a McLaren Vale winery guarantees two further things: decent wines – available by the bottle – giving the proceedings a level of relative sophistication, and a stunning backdrop to the music as the sun sets over the ocean, turning the gentle hills of the Fleurieu Peninsula shades of gold and pink.

Hunters and Collectors at a Day on the Green
Hunters and Collectors at a Day on the Green. Photograph by Kathryn McClintock.

The bands at the Day on the Green at Leconfield Wines: Something for Kate, You Am I and headliners Hunters and Collectors perfectly matched the wine appreciating class of nineteen ninety-something. The food was also a notch above the usual festie-fare and everything, including bar and bathroom queues, was polite and orderly, even the mosh pit was replaced by platinum, gold and silver seating. This seemed a little frustrating for the bands trying to whip up a bit of atmosphere. Elsewhere, while toddlers settled into strollers for the night and wine-loosened parents relived their dreams of cars and girls in a socialist utopia, a genteel mayhem broke out, climaxing in the ultimate Oz sing-along Throw Your Arms Around Me. As a Brit, this was the only song I knew all day, having heard an equally drunken cover in a pub in Clapham one Australia Day.

A beautiful location, some fine music and fine wines. Rock’n roll? Not really. But I loved it.

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