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Two wheel street party

The Tour Down Under, Glenelg Bike fever hits Glenelg once more as the town hosts a start for the Santos Tour Down Under. This year there seems to be less pedal and more party, less Lycra more lager- pop up bars, street food, fashion parade, bands, Brazilian drummers and a spectacular sky. Red sky at

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Feast and footwork

“It’s amazing what a lesbian with an umbrella can do,” the brightly dressed middle aged woman joked. We had somehow, by chance, found ourselves at an outside bar near Victoria Square, just before the start of the Feast Parade, Adelaide’s Gay Pride festival.

Lace and lycra: TDU#1

Every year for a week in January, Adelaide goes mad for lycra, carbon fibre and two wheels as the Tour Down Under (TDU) rolls into town. For a short while lace and cotton trumped lycra For the first time in years Glenelg had a stage start and to celebrate the occasion the council organised a

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