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The Proclaimers

┬áSouth Australia’s 180th Proclamation Day, 28 December 2016 Modern Australia is a young country with much of its heritage imported from Great Britain or, more recently,┬áthe rest of Europe.

Proclamation Day holiday

Whilst the rest of the world relaxes on their Boxing Day holiday, South Australians commemorate Proclamation Day. On the 28th of December 1836, after circumnavigating the globe on HMS Buffalo, the first Governor issued King William’s proclamation of the new colony in a place now known as the Old Gum Tree, a colony not of

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The Bay Sheffield

Named after the English city which first staged such a foot race, the Bay Sheffield is a handicap sprint event. Held around Proclamation Day- 28th December- on Glenelg’s Colley Reserve and organised by the South Australian Athletic League, this is its 128th year. Runners of all ages and abilities wearing bibs resembling the colours of

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