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The Proclaimers

┬áSouth Australia’s 180th Proclamation Day, 28 December 2016 Modern Australia is a young country with much of its heritage imported from Great Britain or, more recently,┬áthe rest of Europe.

Snowflakes of light

Beneath your feet, steel blades on frozen water, an alien surface, an ease of motion, frictionless and free, snowflakes of light. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beneath Your Feet.” At the Stars on Ice pop-up rink, Glenelg beach. See also Winter wonderland.

Look both ways IX

While London bakes in the sun, we are having a very mild winter. For all the people out on the beach today it could have been a summer’s day. These two views at the moment of sunset from the end of the Glenelg Marina over Holdfast Bay and towards the Adelaide Hills. Like Los Angeles,

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