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Shock and awe on Venice Beach

Venice Beach, CA

It looked like California, it smelt like California. Venice Beach  in Los Angeles could be the ultimate location for people-watching. It’s all here. There’s practically  no one on the beach itself but all forms of life are on display on the Boardwalk– the steroid junkies of Muscle Beach, sprawling hippy encampments, jumbled hobo settlements- one

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Hula or hype? Waikiki beach

It’s up there with Bondi, Copacabana and the world’s most famous, but is Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach hula or hype? A recent visit confirmed my recollections of hotels, hotels and grand hotel resorts, palms, palms, palms and the sculpted perfection of the gardens and water features. There’s no denying the natural beauty of the flora, the

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Boho in SoMa

The last of my California 2015 Posts The guidebook informed us that SoMa (South of Market Street) was the bohemian, artistic precinct of San Francisco, so it seemed a reasonable choice for a special dinner. The guidebook did not inform us that just footsteps from Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and the opulent mall, or from the touristy

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