Hula or hype? Waikiki beach


It’s up there with Bondi, Copacabana and the world’s most famous, but is Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach hula or hype?

A recent visit confirmed my recollections of hotels, hotels and grand hotel resorts, palms, palms, palms and the sculpted perfection of the gardens and water features. There’s no denying the natural beauty of the flora, the crystalline waters and the majestic rise of Diamond Head. The water itself is recreational perfection.    The flat surface is ideal for swimming and the gentler water sports but the long slow rolling waves allow for surfing too. Throw in a beach bar and the lack of dry zone and you can have the most relaxing afternoon. It’s not challenging but it’s an ideal layover before satisfying your wanderlust island-hopping to the chilled Maui, Jurassic Kauai or the actively volcanic Big Island.

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