Look both ways XVI- Edinburgh


Edinburgh castle, Firth of ForthStanding on Edinburgh’s Castle Street, one way the magnificent castle hewed from primal volcanic rock, forged by centuries of history and struggle, but now bathed in rare soft evening sunshine. The other way, the elegant  grid of the New Town (only 250 years old) looking down to the Firth of Forth and beyond, the ancient Kingdom of Fife. Surely Edinburgh is one of the world’s greatest cities?

For the Daily Post weekly photo challenge heritage.

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8 comments on “Look both ways XVI- Edinburgh”

  1. a “new town” of only 250 years old! gotta love it! that’s longer than the entire european history of australia as a white-settled country! there’s an Edinborough Castle Road in my hometown of Brisbane ( QLD) also – not quite the same as this one though!!

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