Brexit breakfast

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One of the more obscure advantages of being a British expat living in Australia is on election nights, or in this case Referendum night. I have the advantage of watching the results come in over a leisurely breakfast on a day off. It’s a strange moment of greater than usual connectivity with my native country (although following the Premier League also keeps me in touch).

I had the right to vote in this Referendum but not the earlier Scottish one. Unfortunately my efforts to secure a postal vote went awry. My printer, whilst armed with a brand new cartridge and not giving any error messages, insisted on printing the form in pink- perhaps in sympathy with my EU passport. The form instructed me to enter my details in black ink- which I duly did, and posted with the hope that my postal ballot would arrive. Sadly it did not, so as I sit here glued to the knife-edge results coming in, I’m hoping that one side (remain or leave the European Union) do not win by just one vote– my missing vote.

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