Looking pretty on the jetty


Fashion and a feast of festivals

Glenelg fashion show

One of South Australia’s tag lines is the Festival State. So it’s no surprise to find the Adelaide Fashion Festival, the Film Festival, the Cheese Festival, and the Fleurieu Folk Festival all on at the same time. I like cinema, I like music, I like cheese, but Glenelg’s contributions to the Fashion Festival are just down the road. So that’s where I am.

design market Chittleboroughlane

First a laneway party hosted by local designers, fourteen local brands, with street art by Vans the Omega, decorated pallets, a warehouse, live music, DJs, screen printing, designer Ts, snapbacks, skateboards, everything you’d expect in East London or Brooklyn, but not usually here in this archetypal beach resort town.


Then, uniquely, a fashion show on the jetty, the catwalk extending over the glassy ocean, a pastel pink sunset for the stage lighting. Again local fashion labels and boutiques: Angel Wings, Jeans Corp and Jophiel. First the girls, then to the accompaniment of a live female drummer, and a ripple of excitement from the predominantly female audience, the boys. The show ended just as the sun set, perfectly on cue. I can’t say how the other festivals went, but it was a privilege to be at this one.

Glenelg Fashion Runway on the Jetty

Additional photography @kathryn_mcc.

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