Fire and rain


This is fire and rain for the Daily Post Forces of nature photo challenge- Bushfires epitomise the Australian summer. They are evident to all senses and pervade all areas of life.

Dr D in Oz

The car’s thermometer read forty-four degrees (44°C). To open a door was to open an oven full of baking, or to stand before a giant hairdryer. We expect a few days like this each summer, when the choice of restaurant, coffee shop or bar is determined by which has the best air conditioning. This is Adelaide summer. I have never had such an intimate relationship with the sun, planning the day around keeping cool. Even to walk down the street to the shops you calculate the most shady route, ducking from kerb to canopy, a blast of cool from an open shop front an oasis amidst the heat.

Smoke and eucalyptus, the twin smells of Australia

Then there’s the risk of bushfires – a permanent threat, a total fire ban imposed (but not for conventional gas barbecues- some things are sacrosanct!) In the recent fires there was no loss of…

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