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Cheese, melted cheese

I’ve said many times in this blog that the self-styled ‘Festival State’ has a festival for everything and anything. This particular weekend it was time for cheese to take centre stage and be celebrated (and consumed in artery-worrying amounts)- washed down with wine of course. Cue another dozen festivals!

Cheese, triple cream Brie, Adelaide cheese festival

A rain free day of around 20 degrees provided the perfect weather for lactose indulgence. Rymill Park on the city’s edge was filled with happy people milling around the many stalls offering tastings and sales of cheese, wine, gin and all things cheesy: chutneys, dukahs, even gourmet crackers.

Snag, sausage with sauce in bread

If this was all a bit too after-dinner for you, then grilled meat was also on the menu- and no Aussie event is complete without a sausage sizzle- in this case offering kanga(roo) snags.

Cookery demonstration, cheese

There were cookery demonstrations- naturally of cheese-related recipes. Live music was provided by chanteuse fatale Carla Lippis and her band followed by jazzy guitar wizardry from the Django Rowe Quartet. As we reached the sweet spot of optimal consumption and relaxation, the sun turned the afternoon golden and the cheese – and our minds- into a goo of delight. It was a moment of perfection, but there is only so much cheese you can eat, as the happy and replete crowds dispersed into the evening. Pizza anyone?

Tents, umbrellas, cheese festival, Adelaide

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